Improve Mobility as a Silver Yogi


Posted by Local Yoga Classes on 22 Jan 2015

Poor mobility is not just bad for the body, but it can also be bad for the mind. Losing the ability to move freely without pain can be a distressing time and is something that everyone hopes they can avoid.

While mobility aids such as handmade rise and recliner chairs can greatly help with mobility in the home, there are ways of improving mobility through exercise so that you become less reliant on aids, allowing them to do their job while you enjoy a better range of motion. Yoga is a fantastic way of improving mobility, where flexibility training can greatly improve movement and mind. What’s best of all about yoga is that it doesn’t matter what age you are when you take it up! Yoga has been improving the mobility and flexibility of its practitioners for years and here we let you in on the secret.

When it comes to mastering yoga poses as a beginner there is no better place to start than with a class. While you can easily practice at home with the right equipment, it is always recommended to start with a class so that you know you are doing the exercises correctly.

NHS Choices Strength and Flex plan is a great place to start if you are feeling nervous, promising to help you improve your strength and flexibility within five weeks through a series of podcasts. Yoga is also proven to prevent falls, help with arthritis and possible at any age; see the NHS website for more information.

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