Huge health benefits in Yoga & Meditation read on.


Posted by Susan Whittley on 10 Feb 2015


If you don't look after your body where will you live! ! ! !

It,s quite amazing how we look after our pets and our cars. MOT and servicing for our cars and grooming and exercise for our animals. Yet we spend little time maintaining and looking after our minds and bodies. Then we are shocked when it all starts to go wrong and we become ill.

In this hectic world we live in, life revolves at such a fast pace we really do need some "ME" time . Even if only once a week we can make time to stop and meditate or attend a Yoga class. We will then realise and feel, what a huge difference yoga has made to our lives. Of course if you can manage 2-3 times a week then a dramatic change in you and your health will emerge.

Yoga and Meditation should be on the national health in stead of doctors handing out pills which normally cause side effects.

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