A mindful walk up Primrose Hill


Posted by Caroline Shaw (Caroline Shaw Yoga) on 30 Apr 2015

A mindful walk up Primrose Hill

Whether you are a power walking enthusiast or a enjoy a more leisurely dawdle, next time you stroll up our favourite north London beacon why not make it your most rewarding Primrose Hill walk yet!

Walking mindfully with good posture has plenty of benefits, from preventing twisted ankles to reducing stress and improving concentration.

Before you start, take off your socks and give your toes – all 10 of them! – a wiggle. Then stand with your feet hip width apart (knees pointing forwards in line with your ankles – not rolling in our out!) your tailbone in “neutral” (neither sticking out nor tucking under!), your chest open and your shoulders relaxed.

Next play around with walking on the spot – really exaggerating the movements so your feet get a proper warm up! Then pause for a moment and stand still, aware of your weight being transferred into the ground through your big toes, little toes and heel.

Pop your socks and shoes back on (unless you fancy giving barefoot walking a go!)and begin to walk slowly and steadily.

First, become aware of your feet again, especially the way each heel makes contact with the ground before the foot rolls forward onto the ball. Then become aware of your shins and calves and the contact they make with your clothing. Next become aware of the complex three-dimensional shape of your pelvis and notice how this sways from side to side as you walk. Notice your spine extending upwards from your pelvis and let your shoulders relax, so that the rhythm of your walk is transmitted into your arms.

Bring your head to a point where it feels balanced over the top of your spine, relax your jaw and let your eyes softly focus. Lastly, notice your breathing and how it creates a feeling of expansion every time you inhale and grounding when you exhale.

Then pause for a moment. Take a deep breath in through your nose and a long exhale through your mouth with a happy sigh. Enjoy the view!

By Caroline Shaw

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