Wellbeing Tips


Posted by Mark Thomas (Wellness Foundation / MATAIP Ltd) on 20 Jul 2015

Wellness foundation and the Mataip formula helping you achieve more ..

 Mataip Yoga / Pilates and total wellbeing putting it together for more Health, Strength and Prosperity in YOUR Life.

 Great tips to stay on track this month leading up to the Mataip Yoga/Pilates and Wellbeing Retreat Quinta Mimosa, Portugal 4-11 September 2015

Support Liver, Kidney and Colon function with a blast of antioxidants rich foods in you diet per day.

Wellness foundation and the Mataip formula would recommend Berries of choice, Water Melon, Spinach and Avacados.
Stay focused with a palm full of nuts and seeds twice per day at least to assist brain function.

Remember to remember Raw is more. Include at least two thirds of your diet with raw nutrients.

Steaming, baking and boiling are ok. AVOID microwaved foods.
Hydrate throughout the day with at least two litres of filtered water adding a squeeze of lime, orange and a thin slice of ginger.

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