How yoga can help us as we age.


Posted by Shona Garner (Yoga over 45) on 19 Aug 2015

I'm no spring chicken although, as a baby boomer, I think my generation was one of the first to challenge the notion of growing old gracefully!

Since my twenties I've been hooked on yoga, taking my first teacher training 40 years ago at the age of 23, and going on to teach at a local gym for over 5 years, till life, kids and career got in the way and I stopped teaching, but continued to practise at home..

What I've learned is how powerful, and profound an impact yoga can have - on your general fitness and health - but more than that - on your emotional well-being too.

Whether you are drawn to yoga for the asanas, (postures) or to the meditation/breathing/relaxation or spiritual side of yoga - if you practise regularly for a few weeks at least, somehow something happens and you get hooked!

You start to realise you're becoming more flexible and any aches or pains you were feeling are improving.

You seem to handle the usual stresses and strains of life better.

You seem to suffer from fewer colds and common ailments.

You just FEEL better when you've hit the mat - and realise you miss it when you don't!

I can't think of ANY form of exercise which is SO beneficial for us as we age as yoga. Even in my twenties I used to say yoga was the one form of exercise I could imagine myself still doing in my nineties!

And best of all? It's easy to practise at home. Learn a few general principles; some of the key exercises and techniques - and you're all set.

What are you waiting for?

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