Change your life with yoga!


Posted by Rachael Hattersley on 31 Aug 2015

When I first came to yoga, I had a bad back that was sometimes so painful I couldn’t work. I had neck and shoulder pain and a terrible posture. I didn’t do any exercise at all and I worked a lot of hours in my job in financial services. I struggled to switch off, relax and sleep as my head was always busy.
When I went along to my 1st yoga class I was just hoping for something to ease my back pain and that I wouldn't look too ridiculous as I was stiff and not very mobile!

As I found out for myself, everyone can do Dru yoga. If a posture or sequence wasn’t possible for me, there was something else I could do instead or there was a different way of doing it. It was all about listening to my body and starting from where I was currently at, to make gradual improvements;

Dru is very much about empowering people to feel good about themselves. Immediately I loved the fact that I could join in and participate and it wasn’t focused on being bendy or getting in to some perfect posture that was unattainable for most people.

Dru Yoga has since become a part of my life. It is a practical tool that I can use to help in all areas of my life. It has helped me in so many ways and I am a completely different person! I am happier. My back, neck and shoulder pain have dramatically improved. I am much more flexible in body and mind. My posture is much better. I have toned up and lost weight. I get significantly less headaches and migraines. My breathing is better. I sleep better. I have used it to overcome depression, to cope with the loss of my father and with redundancy (twice).

More than that, it has also helped me to have the courage and confidence to make changes in my life that have helped me to be come lighter and more joyful and more alive! I have trained to be a yoga teacher and therapist and completely change my career and way of being so that I can help and inspire other people, share the joy of teaching yoga and give others access to the wonderful tool that is Dru!

I now teach classes in West Yorkshire and also offer therapies too! I love what I do and I love the feedback that I get from so many of my students and customers about how I, and the tools I offer have helped them! I feel so lucky! So why not go along to your first yoga never know what might happen!

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