One of the easiest ways to give yourself a natural


Posted by Debs Fawcett (Soul Harmony- Yoga Classes) on 09 May 2016

I’ve been a avid fan of juicing for the last 20 years. I was first introduced to juicing when I lived in Australia and more so when I discovered the liver cleansing diet which was a two month cleanse starting with a juice every day. This juice is, to this day, one of my favourites with a blend of carrot, apple, beetroot, parsley and celery. All good to give the liver a good ‘ole boost when it’s been having a hard time cleaning out those toxins- great for those days when you feel sluggish and you have to drag yourself out of bed.

There is something about a fresh juice that feels really alive when you drink it. Sometimes it can seem like a hassle to get the machine out and prepare the vegetables and fruit- get them washed and ready (these days I do very little peeling, just lots of washing) and turn them into a delicious juice. It just feels so good to drink it- like it is one of the most nourishing things in the world….and that’s because it is. The juice and all of its goodness is quickly absorbed into your system as it is all liquid.

I like to practice what I preach and as I write this I’m devouring a juice of celery, kale, lemon, apple and cucumber. Deeeeelicious! It’s a recipe out of a fantastic book called ‘Hungry for Change’ by James Colquhoun and Laurentine Ten Bosch. This book has become one of my health bibles and I can highly recommend it.

So what’s so good about juicing….

Caroline Wheater sums up the benefits of Juicing in ‘Juicing for Health’.

“Not only do they (juices) provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, they are also cleansing and balancing for the body as a whole; the equivalent of a multi vitamin pill in a glass”.

Add (play around with quantities) and blend together

Bag of spinach-cram it in!!
An avocado
Juice of a lemon
Ginger 1-3 inch depending on your taste preference
Liquid of your choice

A few things to be mindful of…

Fruit has a very high sugar content to use sparingly especially for diabetics, candida sufferers etc
Avoid mixing fruits and veg for easy digestion. You can use apples, carrots and lemons with either though.
Start with a small juice and let your body get used to so much nutrition and build up
Always dilute red veg such as beetroot and dark greens such as kale 1:4

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