The dustbowl.


Posted by Hannah Glancy (Proper Northern Yoga) on 10 Jun 2016

You come back from Thailand or India or maybe just Wales psyched and brimming full of enthusiasm to start a new class. Of course people want to come to yoga, the interest you found on a beach in Goa will surely have translated itself over here.

You begin quite cleverly, so you think. You offer free yoga park sessions (because outdoor park yoga should be free but also because you know you'll grab some much needed attention for your upcoming classes). You sort some venues, create a WordPress website and join a crossfit gym (that ones not compulsory), essentially you've got it down. You post up on your page about upcoming classes, maybe even pay for a little seven day boost.

It comes to the grand opening of your first class. The weather outside is superb and you take it to be a good omen. You cycle or walk merrily along to your venue, you set up your carefully created sign in and medical sheets and you flap out your mat at the front. Everything is perfect.

Ten minutes before the lesson starts you think, oh no one's arrived yet. Five minutes before the lesson you think maybe they've gt stuck in traffic or can't find your room, you get up to do a building sweep for struggling lost yogis. Two minutes before your lesson starts you say to yourself, well there is bound to be a late-comer. Ten minutes later you get up, dejected lyrics roll away your mat and sigh as the wind whistles through the room and tumbleweeds roll past.

We've all been there. We have no guarantee. People say they'll come and then they get distracted by the sun, kids, work commitments, Coronation Street. The list is endless. We as yoga teachers need to assess our response. How do we cope when our class flops at the first hurdle? How do we brush off our egos, let it go and get on with planning he next session?

Whatever happens, we are first and foremost yoga teachers. Our positivity is inherent and we have the most wonderful job. We grit our teeth, pay our unused room fees and order a load of leaflets so we can post then through letterboxes before our next class. We age resilient and we don't give up, that's because we know what we are teaching may or may not just be an exercise to our clients but in reality will offer them so much more. We want to share our passion, our knowledge and our never ending enthusiasm for what is a great practice. Just remember that when you are caught in the dustbowl.

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