Yoga for Arthritis


Posted by Wendy Bird (Yogawendy) on 11 Sep 2016

Recent research has shown how Yoga (indeed stretching in general) can improve the blood test results of people with diseases such as diabetes, even though they are being stretched by someone else.

Arthritis is an auto-immune disease that inflames the collagen i.e. the fascia (connective tissue) and leads to the drying-up of sinovial fluid in the joints resulting in pain and deformity. Doctors are investigating the important role that the fascia plays in the body and recent studies have shown it to have nerves that register pain which may play a role in morning stiffness. Recently rheumatologists are studying fascia involvement in rheumatoid arthritis with a view to using gentle stretching to decrease inflammation in these tissues, particularly when done in the early stages of the disease. It has long been known that Yoga is 'good for the joints' but in managing rheumatoid arthritis it could generate anti inflammatory effects and thus provide a noninvasive treatment that works and brings many other benefits at the same time.

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