Being mindfullness


Posted by Nozomi Smith on 10 Oct 2016

Do you like learning new things??? I do. I started crochet few days ago and it is so hard, trust me but enjoyable.

I noticed why people like learning new things. Because you concentrate what you are doing. You are mindfulness with something new to you otherwise you will get lost, you won't be able to do it. When you are mindful, you can't think about anything else. Your subconscious can not control you.

When you are driving (not a new driver though) your mind jumping around, thinking about what you need to do and so on. Your subconscious control you to drive so you are not thinking how to drive but your auto pilot system is on which is opposite of mindfulness.

During yoga we concentrate within us, with breathing and being there. Mindfulness calm yourself, enjoy the moment and reduce your anxiety.

So during learning crochet I have to really concentrate (otherwise I lose the count!! And that's a big problem) and also need to relax because you can not go forward with your stressed out fingers!!! I really enjoy the moment, being mindfulness.

If you want to start yoga with me, if you never done yoga in your life that's absolutely fine and never too late!!!! Let's be mindful with me and enjoy being there for yourself.

Every Tuesday morning 9:45 @ dance academy on high street in Stourbridge.
First class is on me ;)

Be yourself, be happy.
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone xxx Noz

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