The true meaning of Christmas


Posted by Soma Yoga Glasgow Southside on 12 Dec 2016

Do you wonder what the true meaning of Christmas is? Did you ask yourself when you are running for Christmas shopping ‘what I am really running for?’

Nowadays we notice that our city starts to prepare for ‘celebration’ of Christmas earlier each year. Many years ago our metropolis started this preparation at the beginning of December. Nothing looks strange so far. A few years back they started at the end of November. We can start to ask ourselves ‘is that right’? But this year, 2016, all this preparation started at the beginning of November. How is it possible and how come nobody complains? We all realise that all the big companies have lost the true meaning of this religious celebration; instead it’s the pure commercial meaning for them.
If we step back in time just think a bit how and when our grandparents used to make Merry Christmas? Was Christmas celebrated a month in advance a century ago? No way. If we step forward into the future how and when our children, nephews and nieces will celebrate Christmas? Maybe three months in advance? Odd things may happen. We don’t know. Maybe something will change in the future in a good or in a bad way. We just need to hope for the good.
Ask yourself what is the true meaning of Christmas: how it started and where we are now. This celebration starts in 4th century AD in West of Europe and 5th century AD in the East. Religious people know the true meaning. Christmas is the yearly Christian anniversary honouring the birth of Jesus Christ. How many times do we remember this when we are running to buy presents or to organise Christmas dinner? Some of you have a different faith; some have no faith, but still are celebrating this huge event. Why? Something is touching you? Actually all that united us is a warm feeling of Love.
The very clear message of Jesus is Love. To some people these are just words. Let’s do a tiny exercise of awareness. Whatever it is your faith or whether you have a faith or not step back from all this running and shopping. Go deep into your heart even for a few moments and stay still as long as you can. This exercise is intended to transfer our awareness from our head centre to our heart centre. It is like finding a guiding light deep inside your chest. This contemplation helps us to reconnect ourselves to the Divine or to the Superior aspects of being and in this way we charge ourselves with positive energies from the Universe which is feeding our inner universe. Let's meet together in our hearts!

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