Less is more?


Posted by Debs de Vries (Yoga for Lutterworth & Villages) on 11 Jan 2017

This morning, my Yoga teacher said to me:

"It's better to focus on 100% of 10%, than 10% of 100%". He was reminding us that we gain the most benefit when we are doing - really well - what we can do, while exploring that 'edge' between what we can do and what we'd like to do more of.

So often, our mind wants us to be in the perfect, most fully expressed posture - and right NOW! I know I carry images in my head of Yoginis I've seen performing intricate, complex postures. I would love to look like them. But the most joy and benefit I get daily, comes from doing what I can plus a little bit more sometimes - and really enjoying that. And next time, I may be able to go a bit further, deeper, longer. Maybe.

I started Yoga because a horse fell on me and injured me. I was asking the horse and myself to do more than we were prepared for, ready for or capable of. But my mind had already 'seen' us soaring the jumps and galloping triumphantly home. A reality check is always useful but not always welcome.

I thank what brought me to Yoga and to the discovery that feeling centred and safe is a better starting point than feeling overwhelmed and scared. Practising physical Yoga reminds me of this every time. If my base is secure, the rest will follow.

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