Am I good enough?


Posted by Leanne Tipton-Clark (Pincha and Peanuts) on 10 Aug 2017

According to Carl Rogers the founder of person centred psychotherapy “As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves”. Initially I struggled with this concept thinking “how can this be true, I’ve listened to specialists throughout my life and they have never encouraged me to think of myself as my own authority", however, as I sit quietly and mentally process this psychotherapeutic idealism then I am challenged to think outside of my comfort zone, and recognise the possibility of this statement may be true, the simplicity that I do know myself best puts me in a unique position where I am responsible and able to get the best outcomes for me, whether it be in mind, body or soul form because maybe "What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly" Carl Rogers, c1970
Kaz Ashcroft
(BACP Accred) Counsellor

A beautiful piece written by my lovely friend Kaz, on a subject that is rarely spoken out loud...Contentment and self-love.

Has this ever crossed your mind?
"I’ll be happy when...I get a promotion,
I've got my bigger car, when I've lost 3kg" and so on...

There always seems to be one or two things you feel could make you happier or more content. Having the drive and passion to grow and expand our minds and push ourselves towards a goal isn’t a bad thing at all but it can easily become bad when we base our entire sense of peace and happiness upon this.
This is where the Niyama, Santosha comes into it. Santosha is the second of the Niyamas of Patanjali’s Eight Limbs of Yoga. The five Niyamas guide us towards a positive relationship with ourselves. This is so importance as we cannot produce authentic, genuine relationships with others until can truly connect with ourselves. Santosha translates as ‘contentment’ in Sanskrit and as we all know – contentment isn’t the easiest thing to practice….

There is contentment and tranquility
when the flame of the spirit
does not waver in the wind of desire
B.K.S Iyenger

Ok, so I here you saying 'It's not as simple as that' and I agree that yes, life can be difficult at times but ultimately isn’t the life that we perceive in fact our reality? We live in world that is driven by status and materialistic things. A world that is heavily influenced by media, the adverts on TV, in magazines and on social media all drive us to believe that we need pouty lips to look beautiful, the big wedding to have the happily ever after.

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