The pull away from meditation.


Posted by Oli Gohari on 22 Sep 2017

I recently found that as I became more busy with my career, I noticed that there was an inner desire to ignore my usual meditation routine. (I usually meditate for 15 minutes every morning).

My mind, having been so stimulated from all the work, wanted me to continue working the moment I woke up!

I had to stop there and then.Right there in the midst of feeling this pull, I had to say "stop, Oli, do your meditation- then work".

So I meditated. Instantly i began to feel that this 'pull' was just merely a sensation in my body- located in my heart area. With a few breaths it began to fade away.

It is so important that we stay dedicated to our meditation practice for this reason. Even if our mind says "do, be productive".

Our mind constantly wants to do, to grow, to be more, to feel productive. The current western culture of 9-5 rat race is merely a reflection of a culture who has allowed the mind to take control.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to take time to close your eyes and breathe. Even if it's just 5 minutes.

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