Dementia shocking statistics


Posted by Michele Burton (All Generations Yoga & Pilates) on 13 Nov 2017

What is the Yoga Link to this blog you may ask?….well my mother is 84; today in fact, and although her mind is not as we would like it she is physically very active and able and as we know you don’t necessarily have to be of such a great age to have dementia, I also know of people in their late 50’s and early 60’s with dementia who again are quite active and although chair yoga is good for anyone to do whilst whiling away the hours. If you are active then doing something more physically demanding generally makes you happier even just going for a walk those happy endorphin's go to work.

Most yoga postures work both sides of the brain as the body is often in an asymmetrical pattern and used as a flow will test your brain further.

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