Yoga and Sustainability: Dharma


Posted by Isabel Jones Fielding (Iyengar yoga Studio West Bridgford) on 17 Apr 2018

Yoga and Sustainability
Essentially yoga teaches us to stop thinking in towards ourselves, and start going outwards. As we breathe, the prana comes in and goes out. In Iyengar yoga, we learn to open our chest and prepare the ground to receive this natural resource. On the inhalation and as the chest makes contact with the skin, our individual consciousness goes out, then as we exhale the universal consciousness comes into us. In this way there is a continuous dialogue between nature and ourselves, and this is why the principle of sustainability is so important.

The principle of inter-connectedness is particularly palpable when we connect our breath to sound through pranayama. In bramari, pranayama our skeleton vibrates like the sound of the Indian bumble bee, the resonance of a vessel, the room and to the resonance of the world around us, and to Dharma.
This is the state we reach where we experience peace, and that is why we do yoga.

We have our own sustainability project here at the moment, and a new yoga space is emerging from our very old dilapidated 2 storey victorian garage, hand built and designed by yogis. The new building is hand crafted and built, embedding the principles of sustainability, connectivity and well being, in terms of people, nature and materials.

Welcome to ‘Iyengar Yoga Studio West Bridgford’, the only dedicated Iyengar Yoga centre in the East Midlands (awarded by the Iyengar Yoga Association UK).

It is also a place for devotional music with a remarkable acoustic and resonance. It has a particularly peaceful and harmonious quality overlooking the trees of Bridgford Park, where study yoga.

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