Why is Yoga and the Primitive Reflex System import


Posted by Veronika Pena De La Jara (Yotism-Herefordshire) on 09 May 2018

The primitive reflex system connects our first impulses of neurological development and it is done through movement. We are all wired differently, we all go through the same natural early stages of connecting up that influence how we function today. In our modern world there are influences that can interfere with this wiring up process and children and adults alike may experience a backlog in their system. Yoga is a powerful ancient system that synchronises our natural flow and frequency. Yoga strengthens, re-balances and re-organises body, mind and inner well being from the inside out. It is also works on changing our deep neurological patterns giving us a way to physical health and happiness. Those that have practiced Reflex yoga have reported that the awareness of their bodies increases dramatically. If there are any particular tensions in the body, these are immediately obvious and what’s more there is now the ability to relax these areas at will and so perform stretches in a safe and relaxed manner. If there are chronic holding patterns then these are eased. For example someone with frozen shoulder will begin to understand how they are exacerbating the problem by holding tension in the shoulder and even when in pain, can begin to feel the ‘anger’ being taking out of the shoulder. If there is a persistent holding pattern then this will begin to be released. Some will begin to see how they are compensating with tension when one part of them is weak.
Yoga is available all over Herefordshire and is suitable for everyone. There is not a body out there that does not need to move, that does not benefit from Yoga; whether gentle movement or more vigorous movement is required, movement has been scientifically proven to make you feel better. Yoga contains so much variety that it has the ability to reach other parts other types of exercise cannot including working on your neural systems. This style of teaching makes Yoga effortless and pain free and produces excellent results. As it uses the nervous system as it’s base and has traditional Yoga poses as its tool, it is deeply relaxing. We approach the body through the lens of retraining it to do what it was able to do once, the perfect blue print we each have of our own. There is no wrong way of doing this type of Yoga, there is only your way. Reflex Yoga is suitable for those seeking physical release as well as mental health improvements. Anxiety, depression, Autism and Adhd are all benefit from Yotism.

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