Daniela Capasso



Hatha Yoga with The Traditional Yoga Association of Swami Ambikananda


Getting older myself and working with the older population made me see the fitness world from a different perspective, helping me see my students as individuals with different needs and unique body constitutions. I then embraced the Yoga path, qualifying in Feb 2013 with the British school of yoga, followed by, in November 2014 BarreConcept (a Combination of Yoga ,Pilates and Ballet), and in March 2016 I qualified in Pilates Level3 with Drummond Education and April 2016 in Otago( falls prevention). In the meantime in January 2016 I started my second Yoga teacher training course with the Traditional Yoga Association with Swami AmbiKananda. I completed this in March 2018. Atha Yoga is one of the very few disciplines accessible to students of all ages and abilities, with my students inclu