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The Local Yoga Classes Web Directory was launched over 14 years ago to support Yoga Students and help promote Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Today our Yoga Web Directory is one of the most popular tools and resources for both yoga students, teachers and studios in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and is one of the largest independent Yoga Directories available. You can search and access our database of over 12,350+ Yoga and Pilates classes and 5700+ qualified yoga teachers and studios in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Local Yoga Classes Directory is owned and run by Ruth White Yoga Products which sells Yoga & Pilates Mats (Adults, Kids & Extra Long and Extra Wide Yoga Mats), EVA Foam, Recycled & Cork Blocks & Bricks, Belts & Straps, Accessories, Yoga Mat Bags, Back & Easy Arches, Cotton & Fleece Blankets, Buckwheat & Cotton Bolsters & Zafu Cushions and Equipment and Relaxation & Meditation Aids. The main aim of the Directory is to support all Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios regardless of whether they purchase Yoga products from us or not. We list yoga classes for all abilities and age groups as well as most types and styles of Yoga.

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Please call or email the yoga teacher or studio listed DIRECTLY to check their class details and availability.


The classes listed on this website are supplied independently by 3rd party teachers and institutions. The Local Yoga Classes Directory is not responsible for the style and content of these classes listed.

We reserve the right to alter the information you submit and remove any listed information without prior notice at our discretion should we feel it is no longer suitable for the Yoga Directory. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT any information listed on the Yoga Directory that links to selling illegal products of any type or from websites featuring Adult content.