Renu Mohan (Prem Yoga)



The International sivanandha Yoga Vedanta centre


I am an experienced teacher who offers yoga classes in Berkshire and and yoga classes in Oxfordshire. These classes are based in Yoga Classes in Didcot Yoga Classes in Thatcham Yoga Classes in Newbury Yoga Classes in Hampstead Marshall I trained through the Sivananda Center in London. I teach Sivananda yoga cl asses in Didcot and other areas. Sivananda yoga is a HATHA yoga system which was introduced to the west by Swami Sivananda, who was a doctor in India. He believed that yoga was the way forward, rather than modern medicine. He then sent his disciple Swami Vishnu- Devananda to spread the word into the west. Three large Ashrams were then set up in the Bahamas, Montreal and in London.